We care about providing great quality work at a fair price. To this end, our quotes also contain ‘industry average costs’ for the job to show you how competitive our prices are.

Below is a summary of our pricing brackets:

Garden Design/Consultation: £25ph – we are happy to meet for an initial chat/consultation free of charge.

As you will appreciate, measuring up and drawing up plans to meet budgets whilst taking into account various factors (see our Landscaping page) and pricing up different materials options speculatively can run to 3 + days work, and without a guarantee we will be awarded the work (designs used by other tradesmen or a DIY approach). To avoid this cost being passed to purchasing customers, we switch to a consulting/design fee which is then addressed if awarded the work

Standard Rate: £20ph – This is our ‘normal’ hourly rate for Garden maintenance such as mowing pruning etc. This is the minimum self employed rate per the Professional Gardeners Guild.

Landscaping / Hard labour Rate: This rate is higher than garden maintenance as it requires more expensive equipment, and we can do less hours a day, as it wears us out!

Tree Rate: Tree work has the highest base rate due to the greater risk to operators and property, plus the need for specialist machinery, qualified personnel and insurance.

We always send our full Price List & Terms of Business with our quote, so everybody is on the same page from the start.

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