Landscaping and Garden Design

We offer a comprehensive ‘two-way’ approach to our landscaping and garden design service. We can implement a design that you have created yourself or are equally happy to offer our garden design experience, which takes into consideration all the factors necessary for a successful and visually impressive design.

  • Usability – how functional is the design, both for your current needs, and also planning for the future (kids, low maintenance garden for retirement, etc). This includes things like the width of paths, and framing the garden so it works from the house windows as well as when you are out in it
  • Sun light tracking – which areas benefit most from sun/will be too exposed for certain plants/features etc
  • Soil type
  • Drainage – No one wants an expensive swamp.
  • Planting plans

Please get in touch with us for a questionnaire and points to consider when planning your garden.

Examples of our Landscaping work below:

Garden Transformation

Levelling (removing lumps of concrete and sieving soil to create a usable space)

Turfing – removing bamboo shoots and soil to create a flatter usable lawn

Brick work


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